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It will be an exciting World Championship

I am looking forward to the race tomorrow. It is my second World Championship with the pros and it will surely be an exciting day. I think the race is pretty open. It is flat, but championships have their own laws. And there will be wind in the desert and when so, position is particularly decisive as to which group you end up in.

How much the heat will affect us tomorrow is hard to guess. We will see. But I believe that if you miss two water bottles or even have any kind of an off-day, the race will quickly be over in these conditions. The heat will affect any kind of weakness. I think we will need something like three to four bottles an hour, so at least 20 bottles over the entire distance. That doesn’t mean that we will constantly need to go back to the auto to get refills. There will be motorcycles to supply us and we will have our own people along the course who will give us bottles.

We are looking forward to the race and together will try our best to bring in the best result.
Marcel Kittel
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