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Bam! World Champion in TTT

At first I rather underestimated what it would feel like to become World Champion with the team. But simply because I didn’t know. And I can tell you: It is fantastic. The moment when you know that it was enough, everyone celebrates and hugs each other and is simply happy – it is unbelievable. It is just different when everyone wins and not just one. Sharing the happiness is great. All the sacrifices, the self-denial and the agony – all of that explodes out. And for all of us. I am overjoyed that I could experience this feeling.

The race itself was of course extremely difficult. Over 56 km/h in these temperatures was not easy for all of us. But we persevered and harmonized perfectly. Just as a team should. I have been told that I have already proved my time trial qualities with my U-23 World title. But it is different in the pro ranks. Over 50 kilometers I have no chance with my aerodynamic which rather resembles that of a large bus. You have to continually pedal more watts to make up this deficit against the smaller riders. In the team time trial it actually went quite well. You had moments to recover a little and then give full gas again. My legs were very good and I am very confident for Sunday.

We worked agains the heat with ice vests and normal ice, by the way. I did not take an ice bath. Some simply jumped in the swimming pool. But for me the air conditioning is enough. The buildings here are cooled very extremely. Sometimes you have temperature differences of up to 20 degrees. That can be really dangerous. When we changed hotels, from the team hotel to the BDR hotel, I nearly froze at dinner. I was wearing shorts but fortunately had a jacket with me.

The next days we will train together a lot and prepare ourselves for Sunday as well as we can.

Marcel Kittel
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