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Extremely fast sprint finish

68 km/h in the last kilometer, 75 km/h in the sprint. The finale today was once again extreme. Very hectic, lots of curves, and an enormously high speed. That makes a big difference, when you stay out of the wind just a second longer than your rivals. Today Cav came from my rear wheel with his enormous attack and got a meter right away, which I couldn’t make up, even though I fought my way back some. In any case, respect for Cav. He was very strong. For us of course it was too bad to only get the second place.

But the sprint finishes in this Tour so far have been very special, and you have to be lucky. No team has yet been able to reliable build up its train. And our tactic was to shape the race from the front. When Cav then sits on your rear wheel, then so is it. We will confer as to what we might change. But the fact is that right now Cav is really very fast. One simply must acknowledge that.

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