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Third win in Scheldeprijs

I am so happy with this victory. After de Panne I was pretty upset, because I had good legs but was missing that necessary bit of luck. Today I got ride of all my frustration and won in a big way.

Many thanks to my team. Today we were always on the spot. Even when other teams tried something, we were in a good position to react. Thanks, guys.

I think that we can be proud to have won this race three times in a row. Defending a "title" twice is quite an accomplishment. Winning it once – well, that can happen. But then for the whole team to hold up to the pressure two more times, that is a great performance.

And this win is also something special for me. I was told that with this third consecutive win, I have set a record. That had never been done before.

By the way, the trophy here is totally crazy. Last year it was a diamond. And this time it was a cyclist,whose body is made of gold and whose bike is studded with diamonds. Probably they just had too many of them. Using them all up, so to speak.

I enjoy this day, the win was important for my head and for my motivation.

Marcel Kittel
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