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Broken handlebars

Unfortunately I couldn't take part in the sprint today. About two and a half kilometers before the finish my handlebars broke and I crashed. Fortunately I wasn't injured. It wasn't the bike's fault, even if I did throw it. There is just so much emotion in sport. I was angry that I wouldn't have a chance to be in the finale and of course so close to the finish I had quite a lot of adrenaline flowing through my veins. The guys rode really super and I felt good. Oh well, it just happens.

I maintain a very intensive relationship to my bike. You could say it is like an Italian partnership. When things aren't going well, I yell at it and sometimes we fight it out. When things are going well, I give it some tender loving care. But no matter what, I always love it. I will think of some way of making up with it again tomorrow.

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