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Starting training in Calpe

I hope you have all started the New Year well and are back into things. I am. I have been with the team for several days in Calpe, where we ride our first "races" ;-) The area is pretty hilly and I can already feel it in my legs when the guys are going up hill. But I feel good and the mood in the training camp is super. And the new riders with us on the team -- Remi Cavagna (Klein Constantia), Max Schachmann (Klein Constantia), Enric Mas (Klein Constantia),Dries Devenyns (IAM Cycling) and Philippe Gilbert (BMC) – all fit in well with us.

Tomorrow is our team presentation, where our film “One Year in Blue” will be shown for the first time. I can’t wait and once again quote Tom Boonen: "Sometimes you don't need a plan. You just need big balls."

Photo: BrakeTrough Media
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